Dance tracks vol.1

Go! Go! ~Yume no hayase de~
Try me ~Watashi wo shinjite~ (new album mix)
Stop the music (new album mix)
Get my shinin'
Wagamama wo yurushite (groovy mix)
Aishite masukatto (groovy mix)
Paradise train (groovy mix)
Dancing junk (groovy mix)
Super luck!
Haato ni hi wo tsukete (new album mix)
Taiyo no season (new album mix)
Try me ~Watashi wo shinjite~ (extended version)
Taiyo no season (salsoulike mix)

Sweet 19 blues

Watch your step!!
Let's do the motion
Interlude - Ocean way
Don't wanna cry (eighteen's summer mix)
Rainy Dance
Chase the chance (CC mix)
Interlude - Joy
I'll jump
Interlude - Scratch Voices
I was a fool
Interlude - Don't wanna cry Symphonic Style
You're my sunshine (Hollywood Mix)
Body feels exit (latin house Mix)
Sweet 19 blues
...soon nineteen

Original tracks vol.1

Mr U.S.A
Koi no cute beat
Dancing junk
Rainbow moon
Aishite masukatto
Wagamama wo yurushite
Paradise train
Kanashiki broken boy
Try me ~Watashi wo shinjite~
Memories ~Ashita no tame ni~
Taiyo no season
Haato ni hi wo tsukete
Stop the music

Concentration 20

Concentration 20 ~ Make you alright
Be w/z you
Close your eyes, close to you
Me love peace!!
No communication
A walk in the park
Can you celebrate?
I know ...
How to be a girl

Genius 2000

Make the connection complete
Love 2000
Respect the power of love
Leavin' for Las Vegas
Something 'bout the kiss
I have never seen
Still in love
Mi corazon ('te amour)
You are the one
Thing I collected
Next to you
Asking why
Give it a try
Log off

Break the rules

Rule 8 a.m.
No more tears
Better days
Break the rules
Looking for you
Please smile again
Never shoulda
Cross over
Never end
Think of me
Rule 8 p.m.
No more tears remix

When pop hits the fan

Hits the fan
What's on your mind?
Good life
Baby be mine
We got time
Without me
Damn fight
Not this time
What if
"Uh uh....."
Sing my life
Ain't yours
Signs of life
Just say so
Sweet and chic


Namie's style
Indy lady
Put 'em up
So crazy
Don't lie to me
Four seasons
Fish feat. Verbal & Arkitec
Gimme more
As good as
Shine more
Wishing on the same star


Dreaming I was dreaming
Toi et moi
I to you
Say the word
Let's not fight
Lovin' it
I will
Did U
Exist for you

Copyright(C) 1997-2003 Namie Amuro - Toi et Moi.